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Dan Daly

I’m as fit and strong now as when I was competing in high level sport. They have a fantastic ability to cater to all fitness levels, and bring out the best in the whole group. Our sessions are always different, interesting and fun!

Dan DalyLegionnaire since 2011
Katrina Champion

I love the fact that no class is ever the same as the last. We are constantly learning new exercises and trying new equipment, which keeps our bodies guessing and ensures we are pushing ourselves to our limits! It’s great to be part of such a fun and motivated fitness group that actually makes exercising enjoyable!

Katrina ChampionLegionnaire since 2012
Gillian McCann

Without a doubt when you train you feel better both mentally and physically. I like going to bed at the end of the day and falling straight to sleep safe in the knowledge that I have worked hard and trained hard.

Gillian McCannLegionnaire since 2011
Bill Frith

We have a good group of people that come regularly which helps to keep me motivated, especially for the early morning sessions. Being outdoors in some of the most picturesque spots in Sydney is a real bonus – watching the sun come up over the Opera House helps to set me up for a good day.

Bill FrithLegionnaire since 2011
Karen Catalano

I love the variety of the workouts and the camaraderie. I also like the fact that even though I’m over 50 it doesn’t make any difference, you are still made to feel part of the team.

Karen CatalanoLegionnaire since 2012
Derek McNicholl

When I started I hadn’t done any exercise in nearly 10 years. The first 4 months I lost 15kgs, since then I’ve progressively gained 5kgs of muscle. I’m 44 now and as fit and as strong as I was 15 years ago. Luke is the best trainer I’ve ever had…..sessions are creative, different every week and always tough.

Derek McNichollLegionnaire since 2011
Graham Froebel

Luke is a master at this stuff. He teaches, he encourages and he pushes as well as providing the reporting and eating framework – he is no doubt a great resource to anyone wanting a serious challenge.

Graham FroebelLegionnaire since 2009
Kelley Gibson

The workouts are a great variety and being outdoors first thing in the morning can’t be beat!

Kelley GibsonLegionnaire since 2010
Jill Rosen

I like the range of classes on offer – no one session was the same and they were all about functional movement, with each class designed to provide a whole body workout. Importantly for me, Luke can structure the classes to cater for all levels and needs, providing the right challenge for everyone. The camaraderie and support of the group also helped with motivation and feeling like a part of something.

Jill RosenLegionnaire since 2011
Caroline Anderson

I loved meeting others during the classes, such great people with great camaraderie all round which makes the training fun, and also helps push you when you want to give up. I think the facebook page was also a great tool for ideas and tips and to see what others were doing.

Caroline AndersonLegionnaire since 2013
Josh Daly

We have a great community encouraging and pushing each other to be better and get outside our comfort zone.

Josh DalyLegionnaire since 2016
Dominique Gill

I enjoy bringing my kids to the weekend sessions and hopefully inspiring them in leading a healthy and active life. I know they were impressed with my commitment and being a good role model to them is also one of my life goals.

Dominique GillLegionnaire since 2016
Tony Miller

A key point I would mention is the value of the outdoor group activity in attending classes, interaction through social media and the motivation and drive it creates. It creates a commitment and subliminal competition.

Tony MillerLegionnaire since 2015
Jasminah Woodhouse

Legion offer a great range of fitness classes at different times on a daily basis. The head trainer Luke is really great at challenging you but also adjusting the program to suit all individuals within the class, so it doesn’t matter if you’re really fit or just starting out. It’s just like having a personal trainer but at much better value for for money, and in a fun and social atmosphere. I also love that the classes are outdoors and all necessary equipment is brought along – it’s really so much better than going to a gym!

Jasminah WoodhouseLegionnaire since 2014
Millie Smith

Fantastic value! I started at 2 days a week and quickly signed up for the unlimited option. Luke works incredibly hard to make every session different and challenging, and he caters for everyone from the new people to the very fit people apparently effortlessly.

Millie SmithLegionnaire since 2015
Sophie Copley

Luke is the best fitness trainer. Luke combines maximum workouts and fun packed variety to every session, and also tailors to individual fitness levels.

Sophie CopleyLegionnaire since 2015
Gulbahar B

Fantastic team! Great guys, Awesome Trainer!!!!
If you want to find friends and make your body stronger and healthier – this is outdoor trainings are one of the Best!!!

Gulbahar BLegionnaire since 2015
Hugh Stephenson

I am a member of various gyms and other fitness groups and I’ve been training with Luke for 6 years now. His classes are by far the most challenging and rewarding – if I had to have just one membership, LFL would be it. Highly recommended to anyone, beginner through athlete, who wants to see results and have fun at the same time.Legionnaire Since 2012

Hugh Stephenson
Jasmin Keick

I first met Luke when I joined the Monday night boxing class offered at work – I very quickly realised that his style of training was for me and then joined his other boot camp classes at Rushcutters Bay. He is really creative when it comes to putting together high intensity workouts that challenge each individual. I have made real progress in my training as well as learnt some really awesome workouts whilst training with Luke. He also has a broad knowledge of nutrition which he happily shares. I would sincerely recommend him as a trainer!

Jasmin KeickLegionnaire Since 2014
 Ravi De Fonseka

I recommend Luke and his company Legion Fitness Living for first rate, outdoor, group training across multiple Sydney locations, including the Domain, Circular Quay and Rushcutters Bay. Perfect for the busy professional.

Ravi De FonsekaLegionnaire since 2013
Josh Wilkinson

Luke is always able to bring a deep understanding of physical health to maximize a healthy lifestyle by providing different various exercises to the always fun classes. A key delivery from Luke is his ability to motivate the group as I’ve seen him make myself grow physically both in strength, flexibility and ability to push beyond what I thought I would be able to deliver.

Josh WilkinsonLegionnaire since 2015
Luke Bussell

Luke is an exceptional trainer who gets the best out of those that train with him. The majority of his clients have been with him for a number of years. This commitment is testament to Luke’s ability to keep people motivated to continually improve.

Luke BussellLegionnaire since 2014
Stephen Cooper

Luke’s group sessions provide variety to training and cater to all fitness levels – good for anyone looking to get back in shape or take it up a notch.

Stephen CooperLegionnaire since 2015
Malcolm Whitten

Luke offers a fresh variety of classes which has found appeal from a wide range of clients with varying fitness objectives. The range of client objectives has included general fitness, weight loss, looking best for wedding, preparation for lifetime goals such as treks, walks and rides.

Malcolm WhittenLegionnaire since 2010
Raj Goyal

Strongly recommend Luke to anyone from beginner to advance levels.. He ensures you stick to your fitness goals and follows you up if you start falling behind or need a little encourage.

Raj GoyalLegionnaire since 2014
Jo Haire

Luke is the best trainer out there! His boxing classes are unmatched.

Jo HaireLegionnaire since 2014